I have to admit that I skipped exercise today (not so bad) and then ate at Taco Bell for dinner (not so great). :)

I was going to do my bike ride in the morning, but felt tired so I took the day off. An extra rest day is actually a good thing before my triathlon on Sunday, so I don’t feel too bad.

However, it did mean that I was supposed to eat fewer calories, which I was doing until dinner when we went out to Taco Bell (we were on the road) and I ate unhealthy and a bit too much. Oh well. :) We all have our bad days.

B: Coffee. Sprouted toast w/ peanut butter. Rolled oats w/ cinnamon, brown sugar, raisins. 470.

S: Dried apricots. Blue corn tortilla chips w/ salsa. 250.

L: Amy’s Kitchen palak paneer. 270.

S: Roasted almonds. Third of an orange. Veggie sushi. 315.

D: Grilled stuffed bean burrito. Bean burrito supreme. Root beer. 1010.

Ate: 2315.

Burned: 2300.


I had planned to do a medium bike ride this afternoon but skipped it … so I only did an easy four-mile run this morning. I don’t feel guilty, though, as I’m cutting back a little this week so I can be rested for my triathlon this Sunday. I’ll do the bike ride tomorrow morning.

So today was an easy exercise day, and it was also a light snacking day for me. I did really have any full-sized meals today, but instead had small to medium snacks all day. I didn’t plan it that way, but that’s how things worked out. I actually think it’s a fairly healthy eating style, to snack all day — why should we have big meals anyway? Just eat when you’re hungry.

WO: 4-mile run, 48 mins. 680.

B: Coffee. Sprouted toast w/ almond butter. Kashi Golean Crunch cereal w/ soymilk. 480.

S: Part of a leftover vegetarian burrito. Roasted almonds. 410.

L: Spaghetti w/ marinara sauce (really had two small helpings of this spread out by an hour). 440.

S: Mango. Salad w/ mango, tomatoes, feta, nuts. Tomato bisque. Brownie. (These were all eaten at different times.) 640.

D: PB&J sandwich on sprouted toast. Blue corn tortilla chips w/ salsa. (Also eaten about an hour apart.) 480.


Ate: 2450.

Burned: 2300 + 680 = 2980.

Deficit: 530.

Hi guys … I’ve missed you all! I was away for a couple of days and couldn’t log, until yesterday. So I’m going to give you an abbreviated report for the last few days, with only yesterday’s food log if you don’t mind. :)

First, exercise … after taking a rest day on Sunday, I did a long bike ride on Monday. It was a two-hour, 25.7-mile ride, and it was awesome! I’m really enjoying cycling, a lot. I followed the ride with a 1-mile run immediately after, just to get my legs used to running after the bike.

On Tuesday, I did a 6-mile run with two long hills at the end. It was a good workout. However, I barely got any sleep the night before (3 hours, for reasons I won’t get into), so I was really exhausted all of Tuesday. So I skipped my swim workout that day.

Yesterday (Wednesday) I also skipped my short run and slept in. The extra sleep did me good and I was well rested … so I did a weight workout in the afternoon and then an easy 20-min swim workout. So my exercise the last few days has been good.

Food-wise, not as good. Mother’s Day weekend was a lot of social gatherings, and while I ate fairly healthy, I did indulge in some sweets and I overate just a bit. Monday was Eva’s birthday, so we went out and celebrated and let’s just say I indulged some more. Tuesday was a bit better but there was still some indulgence.

Yesterday (Wednesday) was better. Here’s my log for yesterday:

B: Coffee. Honey Bunches of Oats w/ strawberries and soymilk. Brownies (!). 530.

L: Gardenburger on sprouted toast w/ tomatoes, lettuce, dijon mustard, ketchup. 300.

WO: Slightly abbreviated session (only did 2 sets of a few of the exercises, 4 sets of others), but still lifted heavy. 95.

S: Soy protein shake — took some of it before workout, some after. 415.

WO: Easy 20-min swim. 250.

S: Clif Bar chocolate chip. 240.

D: Vegetarian burrito. Chips w/ salsa. Half a Dos Equis beer. 650.


Ate: 2135.

Burned: 2300 + 345exercise = 2645.

Deficit: 510.

Yesterday (Saturday) I ran a race that was both successful and extremely frustrating. I did a 5K, not as my goal race but just to see where my fitness is … and as I haven’t done a 5K since last year, I decided to try to set my PR (which as of last year was 22:25).

I was certain I’d set my PR as I’m a lot stronger these days. So I went out to run about a 7:00 pace — and that’s exactly what I did, until the last 800m when I ran almost an all out sprint at 5:00 pace.

I ended up beating my PR by 4 mins at 18:23, which is impossible, until I found out from other runners that the course was short!!!


I ran the course again and found out that someone put the turnaround cones (it was an out-and-back course) in the wrong place. Whoever measured the course had marked where the turnaround should be, and it was .22 of a mile further than the cones were. Which means, as it was an out-and-back course, that the course was short .44 of a mile.

Assuming I would have run a 7:00 pace for that .44 of a mile, I would have easily set a PR. My calculations put my run at about 21:28 for a 5K, nearly a minute faster than my PR. As it is, because someone messed up, I don’t have a new PR!!!

Oh well. I ran a great race, came in 16th for the men and top 5 in my division, and I should just be happy with that. I’ll run another 5K in 2-3 weeks to see if I can actually set the PR.

Other than the 5K, I did about 40 mins of easy running after the race to finish at around 7 miles for the day. I’m taking a rest day today (Mother’s Day).

As for eating, I”m not going to log my food this weekend if you guys don’t mind. I did pretty well for most of yesterday, eating my usual stuff in the morning and afternoon, but in the evening I cheated as we had a Mother’s Day get-together. I ate little bits of different things and don’t really know how to log it all. I ate a lot, but with my running in the morning I’d guess I was still in a slight calorie deficit.

Today, as a rest day, I won’t be in deficit. It’s another cheat day. I had a Mother’s Day brunch with my family this morning, and ate a decent amount, and have another get-together this evening and will probably overeat a bit. :)

Oh well. :) I’ll get back on track tomorrow (although it’s Eva’s birthday and we’ll probably go out and overeat for dinner). I’m doing a long bike ride tomorrow morning and am looking forward to that.

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend! Happy Mother’s Day!

So after a recovery day on Thursday, I felt a bit tired this morning and skipped my morning workout with the option to do the same later in the day if I still felt tired. But I felt better in the afternoon and did a heavy weight workout and then a light run later.

Eating was good until dinner when I complimented my Asian salad with a McDonald’s apple pie, half a choc chip cookie and some fries. Not good, but nevermind. :)

B: Coffee. Rolled oats w/ brown sugar, raisins, dried apricots, soymilk. 360.

S: Soy yogurt w/ blueberries and Kashi Golean Crunch cereal. Peanut butter toast. 400.

WO: Weights, 4 sets per exercise. 120.

S: Post-workout shake (actually had some before workout too). 435.

L: Amy’s Kitchen Tofu Scramble. 320.

WO: Easy 3-mile run. 360.

D: McDonald’s – Asian salad w/ almonds, no chicken, half packet of sesame ginger dressing. Apple pie. Half choc chip cookie. Fourth of medium fries. 630.


Ate: 2145.

Burned: 2300 + 480exercise = 2780.

Deficit: 635.

As I mentioned in the previous post, yesterday (Thurs) became a recovery day for me because I kinda overdid it on Wednesday with a hard run in the morning followed by a really hard bike and run brick workout in the afternoon. I was wiped out following the workout, and tired and sore all day yesterday, and am still tired and a little sore this morning (Friday) and have already skipped another workout.

This means that my hard workouts on Wednesday required at least 36 hours of recovery if not more (I’m still playing it by ear). A recovery of that long means that I’m skipping some important training — which is fine for now, but I can’t make that a regular thing or my training volume will be greatly reduced.

So, reflecting back on my workouts, I realized that I have to hold back my intensity if I want to continue to train almost every day. This is something I’ve read about before, of course, but it’s also something you tend to forget in the middle of a workout when you’re feeling good and want to push yourself.

This has been a good lesson, I think. For my regular training days (non-race days), I need to hold back the intensity. I can’t go all-out if I want to train the next day or even the day after that.

So, for those of you following along at home, take heed: training intensity should be somewhere between easy and medium-hard, but never very hard, or you’ll mess up your training schedule — either that, or you’ll continue your training schedule while tired and risk injury or burnout. And remember to alternate hard days with easy or rest days to ensure that you’re recovering properly from workouts. I might even redo my schedule because I’m doing three hard days in a row and that’s not ideal.

I was feeling tired and sore from yesterday’s hard workouts (hard run in the morning and hard bike/run in the afternoon) so I decided to give myself a rest today. I did an easy 4-mile run in the morning but skipped the weight workout (will do either Fri or Sat instead depending on how my body feels) and skipped the swim workout (will do Friday probably). I just felt like my body needed a rest and didn’t want to overdo it, although it was tough to skip workouts.

I also decided to give myself a cheat day and ate a bunch of junk food. I’m not even going to log it today if you guys don’t mind … I feel like it’s better if I just put that day of cheating behind me and move on to healthier days. :) If your curious, I started the day with one of my usual fairly healthy breakfasts but late in the morning had part of a muffin, some french toast, some tofu fried rice, a mocha coffee … and then in the afternoon had a bunch of nachos covered in cheese and a bunch of Skittles. I felt horrible afterward but oh well. :)

So I’m glad I gave myself a rest as my body needed it. We’ll see how it feels on Saturday as I’m still sore and tired at the moment and will take an extra rest day if necessary.

I’m doing a 5K on Saturday to see how my running is — kind of a test — I’m even going to shoot for a PR if I feel good.