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Quick Report

I haven’t had time in the last few days to do my daily report, but rest assured that I’ve been eating fairly healthy again and exercising. I’m pressed for time right now so I’m going to give you a quick rundown of the last 3 days … to see more details of my eating and exercise, click through to see my food and exercise log.


You guys read my race report for my triathlon — that was my exercise for the day, obviously. I was tired the rest of the day, took a nap in the morning.

I had a big breakfast of pancakes and ate a lot during the day. It was fairly healthy except in the evening when I had a BK veggie burger and fries, and then some nachos and candy while watching a movie with the kids. But hey, if I can’t indulge after doing a triathlon, when can I?


This was a scheduled rest day for me, and I needed it because my body was sore. I was lazy all day long, and snacked but stayed within my calorie goal.


Did a really nice 8-mile run in the morning. First 5 were with my sister, at a nice easy pace. Last 3 miles were 800-meter intervals at 5K-10K pace, tiring but great. Took a nap afterward. In the late afternoon I did a really easy swim for 20 minutes, working on my form.

Eating was very good all day, and I had a large calorie deficit. I’ve been discovering that eating more in the morning and afternoon means I’m not so hungry at night — sounds obvious, I know, but I’ve actually been consciously trying to eat more for breakfast, lunch, and snacks, and I’m not so hungry for dinner. This has mean I’ve lost a few pounds this week.


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I have to admit that I skipped exercise today (not so bad) and then ate at Taco Bell for dinner (not so great). :)

I was going to do my bike ride in the morning, but felt tired so I took the day off. An extra rest day is actually a good thing before my triathlon on Sunday, so I don’t feel too bad.

However, it did mean that I was supposed to eat fewer calories, which I was doing until dinner when we went out to Taco Bell (we were on the road) and I ate unhealthy and a bit too much. Oh well. :) We all have our bad days.

B: Coffee. Sprouted toast w/ peanut butter. Rolled oats w/ cinnamon, brown sugar, raisins. 470.

S: Dried apricots. Blue corn tortilla chips w/ salsa. 250.

L: Amy’s Kitchen palak paneer. 270.

S: Roasted almonds. Third of an orange. Veggie sushi. 315.

D: Grilled stuffed bean burrito. Bean burrito supreme. Root beer. 1010.

Ate: 2315.

Burned: 2300.

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