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One of you, my group of wonderful encouragers, asked about my wife Eva’s plan, and wanted me to share some details. I’ve shared the details of my plan, but if you want to hear about Eva’s plan, here ya go.

Some background first. Eva has always been a skinny chick, even just months after giving birth to any of the babies. She’s still pretty thin, though she’s gotten a little bit of a stomach. I think she looks very very good, but you know how it is — we all want to get into better shape, right? So she’s joined me in our healthy eating plan (different for each of us) and is also exercising.

She’s not as avid a runner as I am. She’s doing a run/walk kinda thing, because though she was running and doing 5Ks a little over a year ago, she kinda fell out of it. But she’s making the effort, and making progress.

She’s also not a full vegetarian as I am. She gave up most meat about six months or so ago, which thrills me to this day, but she does eat seafood, so her meal plan includes fish.

So here’s her workout plan, followed by her meal plan:

Eva’s Workout Plan

Keep in mind that Eva is just starting exercising again, so she’s been getting sore and may skip a workout if she feels her body needs it.

  • Mon: Walk/run
  • Tue: Strength (mostly bodyweight exercises)
  • Wed: Walk/run
  • Thu: Strength
  • Fri: Walk/run
  • Sat: Rest
  • Sun: Walk or Strength

So far she’s done a couple of days of running and then walking and one day of strength this week and she’s pretty sore. :)

Eva’s Meal Plan

Day A

  • B: Toast w/ almond butter, fruit
  • L: Pita, tuna, veggies
  • S: Yogurt, granola, fruit
  • D: tofu stir fry w/ veggies OR baked salmon

Day B

  • B: Whole grain cereal, low-fat milk
  • L: cheese quesadilla, carrots
  • S: fruit smoothie
  • D: Leo’s veggie soup OR salad

Day C

  • B: Toast, peanut butter, fruit
  • L: salad
  • S: yogurt, granola, fruit
  • D: veggie chili OR salad

Day D (cheat day)

  • B: Whole grain cereal, low-fat milk
  • L: pita, tuna, veggies
  • S: fruit smoothie
  • D: cheat meal!

The week will go something like this (though it’s flexible — on some days we eat leftovers from the night before):

  • Mon: A
  • Tue: B
  • Wed: C
  • Thu: A
  • Fri: B
  • Sat: C
  • Sun: D

We can also switch the cheat meal to any of the days if we go out or there’s a party or something like that.


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