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After yesterday’s complete day of rest, I felt ready to go today and boy did I need to be ready! I did a 4-mile run in the morning followed immediately by a full-body weight workout — which was a bit more difficult today as I added  third set. It felt great (although tiring).

In the late afternoon I did a swim workout — I was (and still am) so exhausted! I really have no swim endurance, but that’ll get better as I keep at it. I also saw some improvement on my form today and that felt great!

The flip side of my tough day of awesome workouts is that I was SO hungry all day long! As you’ll see in my food log below, I just couldn’t stop eating. I didn’t hold back either but tried to get plenty of protein and eat fairly healthy — my body needs the calories and protein to get stronger and improve. So I ate a lot but it fueled my growing muscles. I really feel like these workouts, if I don’t overtrain, will get me into amazing shape within a month or so.

B: Sprouted toast w/ peanut butter. Coffee. 230.

WO: 4-mile run (46 mins). Then full-body weight workout, 3 sets. 675 total.

S: Soy protein shake w/ soymilk, strawberries, banana. Blue corn chips. 430.

L: Veggie burger on sprouted toast w/ dijon mustard, lettuce, sprouts, tomatoes. 250.

S: (I didn’t eat this all at once — it was throughout the day) Cottage cheese w/ pineapple chunks. Amy’s Kitchen tofu scramble. Blue corn chips w/ salsa. Apple. Almonds. 890 total.

WO: Swim 750m in intervals. 28 mins. 275.

S: Clif Bar. 250.

D: Burger King veggie burger w/ cheese, no mayo. Fresh fruits. 355.


Ate: 2405.

Burned: 2300 + 950exercise = 3250.

Deficit: 845.


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Today I took my first complete rest day in 12 days … I was really itching to exercise today! But I’m glad I didn’t and took the day off, because now I’m feeling refreshed and ready to tackle another week of exercise. I feel great and wish I could exercise all the time. I might be addicted.

I ate fairly well except for a couple snacks tonight, so it was a good day.

B: Coffee. 2 slices sprouted toast w/ almond butter. Third of an apple. 430.

S: Cottage cheese w/ mango. Oatmeal w/ apple, dried apricot, raisins. Bake fries. 475.

L: Pitas w/ hummus, tomato, sprouts, lettuce. 225.

D: Amy’s Kitchen brown rice w/ veggies. 260.

S: Apple. Weight Watchers ice cream sandwich. Blue corn chips. 410.


Ate: 1800.

Burned: 2300.

Deficit: 500.

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So as of today I’ve exercised for 12 straight days, doing two workouts a day on some of those days. That’s a lot for me. I actually feel really great, but I’m worried about burning out. My schedule, now that I’ve added triathlon training in the form of swimming and bike workouts, is pretty full and doesn’t have any complete rest days. I figured that on 3 days a week, I would just do a light workout and count that as a rest day.

However, I really think I need one complete rest day a week, just to make sure I don’t overtrain. So I’ve
redone my schedule to have a complete rest day and to make Sundays only for bike rides instead of doubling up with running.

So here’s my new schedule — we’ll see how it works out:

  • Mon: Complete rest.
  • Tue: a.m. short run plus weights; p.m. swim.
  • Wed: a.m. medium run (might include hills or tempo); p.m. bike ride.
  • Thu: a.m. short run plus weights; p.m. swim.
  • Fri: a.m. short run plus swim.
  • Sat: long(ish) run.
  • Sun: long(ish) bike ride.

As always, I will try to remain flexible and might change this if I feel it’s too much, so don’t be surprised if I keep reporting changes as I feel it out. I will also give myself the flexibility to skip or postpone workouts if I think I need more rest.

I’m really enjoying my training and feel like I’m getting in the best shape I’ve ever been in. I’m even looking for longer triathlons later this year and early next year!

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This morning I was out the door at 4:30 a.m. for a 14.5-mile bike ride that lasted more than an hour … I had to leave early because I wanted to make it to a 5K run and do the run with my wife and daughter. I didn’t go very fast, just jogged along with them, although I ended up doing the last mile or so pretty fast by myself. I finished with a 3.7-mile run (I went longer than the 5K course), and felt great.

Then I took the rest of the day off and ate a lot of calories as I felt really hungry. I feel good but think I’m going to take a rest day tomorrow. I’m loving my new schedule of triathlon training and 1-2 hour workouts. :)

S: Dried apricots. Almonds. Coffee. 235.

WO: 14.5-mile bike ride, plus 3.7-mile run. 1,175.

B: Pancakes w/ syrup. Banana. Couple bites of McDonald’s apple pie. 540.

S: Scrambled tofu w/ veggies. Oatmeal w/ dried apricots, raisins, almonds, flaxseed, apples, peanut butter. 655.

L: Scrambled tofu w/ veggies. Mac and cheese. 636.

S: Mango. White wine. 110.

D: Kashi Golean Crunch w/ soymilk. 295.


Ate: 2470.

Burned: 2300 + 1,175 = 3475.

Deficit: 1005

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Well, it wasn’t really a long run at all, but my longest since my marathon a couple weeks ago — 5 miles, and it felt great. I’m slowly easing back into my running, to be sure I don’t overdo it, especially with all the other exercise I’ve been doing.

I had a big cheat meal at the end of the day today, and I’m glad I did. We went out to a restaurant to celebrate my son’s First Holy Communion (we’re Catholic) and I did pretty well at first with some pasta with tomatoes and some steamed veggies. But then I shared some of my kids’ fries, and then had some Oreos and ice cream at the end and finished the night very stuffed. :)

A little cheating is good for you. I don’t feel guilty, especially as I plan a long bike ride tomorrow (well, long for me) and I’ll burn it all off.

WO: 5-mile run, 54 min. 680.

B: Coffee. Kashi Golean Crunch cereal w/ soymilk. Sprouted toast w/ almond butter. 490.

S: Dried apricots. Almonds. Cottage cheese w/ pineapple chunks. 420.

L: Amy’s Kitchen Shepherd’s Pie. Scrambled tofu w/ mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes. 400.

S: Orange. Grapes. Scrambled tofu w/ mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes. Carrot cake. 700.

D: Linguini w/ tomatoes and basil. Steamed veggies. Fries. Oreos and ice cream. 740.


Ate: 2750.

Burned: 2300 + 680run = 2980.

Deficit: 230.

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This is a story of success from one reader of this blog, Mike of the Strong Links blog. I asked him to share his story and I’m reposting it here for inspiration for us all! Here it is, in Mike’s words:

April of 2007 I was 240 lbs and about 23% body fat. I’m in the Navy so those numbers just won’t cut it. I would have failed my body composition test.

I went to the gym one day for my unit PT and nobody was there (I was at the wrong gym, I was new to the command). So I decided to go into the weight room and lift some weights. For some reason I was addicted after that. It wasn’t my first time lifting, so it wasn’t something new, I don’t know what it was.

So I started looking for routines on line to follow and found some great websites. I pretty much became a “student of the game” so to speak. I started reading more about nutrition and exercise and trying to apply the things I was learning. The more I learned the more I tweaked things until I got everything dialed in just how I wanted it.

The progress was slow but was steady for the most part. There were a few times when I got discouraged and wanted to quit after not seeing progress for a couple of weeks, but I just had to keep reminding myself that health and fitness is a marathon not a sprint. Eventually I got to the point where I was pretty happy with my body and the way I felt.

In December 07 when I finished dieting down I was 195 lbs. and about 12% body fat. From then I’ve been trying to put on some more muscle. I’ve realized that I muffed the gaining muscle thing so I’m going to try to lose the extra fat I’ve gained and kind of reboot. Plus it won’t hurt to drop a little fat for summer. So that’s my story. Nothing amazing, and nothing that isn’t attainable but anybody else.

I’ve enjoyed reading the blog. Keep up the good work. I’m going to try to launch my personal blog to keep track of my own fitness journey soon. So keep an eye out for that. Have a great weekend.

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Today I was feeling great, and so I got in a 40-minute bike ride in the morning (9.5-miles, not a lot, but I’m just a beginner and I’m proud of it). Then I was able to do a 25-minute swim in the evening, getting in about 700m of swimming, but in smaller intervals of 100m, 50m and 25m, taking breaks in between because it’s so tiring!

My body is tired now from the swim, but I really enjoyed the workouts! I’m still such a beginner for cycling and swimming, and just want to increase my endurance, but even so I really enjoy the cross training and feel like I’m getting fitter than ever. I just started this week, but I expect to see some great results in a few weeks or so. I’m already thinner than I’ve been in a decade.

WO: 9.5-mile bike ride, 42 mins. 470.

B: Coffee. Oatmeal w/ apples, almonds, flaxseed, raisins. 405.

S: Coffee. Banana bran muffin. 250.

L: Cottage cheese, banana. Apple. Almonds. Dried apricots. 485.

WO: 25-min swim, about 700m. 245.

D: Subway veggie delight wrap. McDonald’s french fries. 615.

S: Silk strawberry soy yogurt. Sprouted toast w/ almond butter. 340.


Ate: 2095.

Burned: 2300 + 715exercise = 3015.

Deficit: 920.

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